Comment Made at Farm to Table Show 6/14/19

Dawn Said::

” You guys are worth listening to!”

Comment Made at Farm to Table Show 4/12/19

Margo Said at the end of the song Mrs. Robinson:

” Perfect!”

Comment Made at Paula’s Public House Show 3/30/19

Carol Said:

” You two have the best play list ever.”

Comment Made at Engagement Party 11/3/18

Marina Said:

” You two are amazing!”

Comments Made at Farm To Table Show 8/3/18

Jennifer Said:

” You two always make me smile.”

Paul Said:

” I love it. I get to sing along all night.”

Comment Made About Sprout Creek Farm Performance


Margo Said:

“This duo is phenomenal. If you have a chance, these 2 musicians deserve to be heard and celebrated. They’re pros with heart.”

Comment Made About Show at Kinda Kozy 11/11/17

Joan Said:

“What a great night! These gents played CCR, Billy Joel, Amy Winehouse & Ed Sheeran. They are so talented!”

Comment Made After Arlington Street Fair 9/16/17:

Aron Said:

“You guys are so good and entertaining!”

Comment Made at Private Event 7/29/17:

Ira Said:

You guys were great! Everybody commented on how good you guys were. Truly professional.  Thanks for helping to make it a wonderful party. I had a blast!

Dalton Farms Homeowners Association:

In June 2016 the Barton Orchards hired A&E to play a private party for the Dalton Farms Community. Since then A&E has played 3 additional times for these great people. Here are a few comments from this group…..

Debbie Said:

“Love you guys! I always know it’s going to be a great night when ‘Ang and Ed’ are booked to play. Very talented men who are also very nice and add to a fun time!”

Tom Said:

Dear Band,

The HOA Board has had great feedback from the community on your performances at our Music on the Lawn, our winter mixer and New Year’s Eve Party. We look forward to scheduling you in the future for our events. Have a Happy New Year.

Dalton HOA Treasurer

Comment Made at the Glenmere Brewing Co 1/28/17:

Chris Said:

You two make it look easy!

Comment Made at the Freight House 2/4/17:

Brandon Said:

I keep forgetting it’s just 2 of you…..it sounds like so much more!

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